nirmitee cv cruits


Maximum Number of Participants: 1
Registration Fees: Rs 100/- per participant

Event Heads:

Yash Mogre – 7758855405
Shubham Kulkarni – 9923665289

Email id: [email protected]


To check your skills, knowledge and personality this year at MIT-WPU Pune we are introducing ‘CV-Cruits’. The event will be totally based upon the actual recruitment process in any civil
engineering related industry/company. The event will look to give the participants real experience of the corporate world and the basic ground requirements in any company for the
civil engineers.

Objective of the event is to give participants overlook/experience of the Recruitments, which will benefit them to learn, adopt and reshape their personality and skills.


Pre-Placement Talk
All the participants will get to converse with a placed student from our college
about the preparation, procedures, queries etc.

The event will be conducted in four phases,

▪ Participants have to pass the basic aptitude test to maintain the quality of candidates.
▪ Test will be taken on 28th April 2021

▪ The participants will be given a serial number. Accordingly, they will be asked to pick a
code/number. The code/number picked, will have the topic name in it, which may consist
of a word, a figure, a symbol etc. (Only related to Civil engineering).
▪ He/ She should elaborate the chosen in limited time i.e. 90 seconds (Subject to change).
▪ No language barrier to the participants.

Note: Technical terms, facts & ideas will get more credits.

Group Discussion:
▪ The topic for group discussion will be based upon civil engineering subjects, technology,
innovation and sustainable development in current scenario. Participants should put the
points clearly and specifically.
▪ Global language will be given more credits to ensure the field demand of companies
collaborated internationally.

Note: Debating/Crossing/Counteracting will not be entertained, it will directly lead to the

Personal Interview:
▪ The top participants will get a chance to appear for the interview.
▪ The participants will be examined on all parameters (can’t be disclosed) by the Jury.

Note: Participants should focus on their performance throughout the event and prepare
themselves upto their best.


The decision made by the jury will be final. Each round will be judged differently, looking
towards the requirements of the respective round. Each round’s score will be taken into account
as a whole. Scores from the previous round will be taken into account for qualifying for the PI

1. Each participant has to give his/her Resume/CV on 28TH April 2021 before 6pm (subject
to change).
2. Participants should present their skills and calibre to their best.
3. Report of performance of each candidate will be given, containing their performance
with remarks.
4. Changes can be made on time, participants will be notified if such takes place. The crew
and working committee hold rights to do so.

This document is liable to minor changes. Participants will be notified for the same