nirmitee e tendering


Precision Competitive Bidding


Number of Participants in one team: 1

Registration Fees: Rs 100/- per participant


Faculty Coordinator:

            Event Heads:


Prof. Rohit Salgude

Prof. Vrunda Agarkar



Devashish Mehta- 8806965050

Rutuja Theurkar- 9822214922


Email id  [email protected]




e-Tendering is a process of carrying out an entire Tendering Cycle Online including submission of Price Bid such that Efficiency, Economy and the Speed of Internet can be harnessed. e-Tendering is an advancement from the Traditional methods of Publishing tender notices and submitting bids. Its benefits outweigh the old paper method by miles for all parties concerned. 


Note: Special prizes for diploma students.




Round 1: Checking of all Legal Documents and Bid Verification.

Round 2: Question & Answer Session for Valid Bids.


Winners will be announced during the Closing ceremony.




Round 1:

The problem statement  a.k.a  tender notice will be published on the website a day prior to the event, i.e. 28th April 2021 for all participants. The participants have to edit and prepare their tender documents as per the given format and prepare their tender bid. Participants have to use State Schedule Rates of 2021 for all resources to be used for items of work. They must submit documents mandatory and relevant for the Tender bid on 29th April 2021 via Google Forms in 2 hours along with their tender rates. The documents will be judged for authenticity and competitive pricing. All unbalanced quotes will be rightly rejected.


Round 2:

The entries that will be authenticated from Round 1, will proceed to Round 2. The participants will be asked questions on Basics of Tendering and based on the tender bid they have submitted, via Zoom platform. From the participants who will give satisfactory answers the best teams will be chosen and will be awarded prizes, winning certificates and trophies.




  1. All tender documents should be in the name of a single assumed company.
  2. Participants have to use State Schedule Rates of 2021 for all resources to be used for items of work.
  3. If the participant is unable to answer  the questions, it will be considered as cheating and using external help and  hence will be Disqualified.
  4. All unbalanced quotes will be rightly rejected. 
  5. Candidates need to submit their entries before the due deadline. Late entries will not be entertained.
  6. Candidates need to ensure the authenticity of their submission. If any form of plagiarism is observed the entry will be discarded.
  7. No form locked pdf’s or encrypted files will be accepted for the event.
  8. Candidates need to ensure clarity of the entire submission (Images/PDF) for judging.
  9. Judge’s decision will be final and no form of cross verification will be entertained.


    This document is liable to minor changes. Participants will be notified for the same.

    Keep checking official website of NIRMITEE 2021: