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This year at NIRMITEE 2021, MIT-WPU Pune, we are proud to present the event ‘Paper Presentation’ which would encourage the students to come up with new exciting technical ideas and concepts. Paper Presentation is an event wherein the participants are expected to present their ideas with the help of some analytical / experimental research work. The outcomes of the research may be supported using data acquired from various sources or suitable investigation and analysis. The paper presented must put forward a clear picture of the thought behind the concept used. Effective use of charts, graphs, tables, images etc. should be done in the presentation for better interaction with the judges and the audience. The content should venture beyond B. E. / B. Tech curriculum. All the participants will receive a certificate of participation.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Diploma students, undergraduate & postgraduate students, research scholars and working professionals are encouraged to participate.
  •  Authors from different two institutions can collaborate to submit a paper.


Note: Special prizes for diploma students.


Event format:

The event would be conducted as given below:

      Stage 1: Submission of paper (DEADLINE: 24th April 2021)

      Stage 2: Submission of pre-recorded video presentation (DEADLINE: 24th April 2021)

  •     Stage 3: Actual event & Questions and Answer session



‘Smart Materials, Energy and Recent Trends in Construction’

Building activities are as old as humans themselves. Right from the stone-age to today’s skyscrapers, the construction industry has come a long way in terms of innovation. Over the time, humans have refined their construction practices and started incorporating new technologies in their methods which are more adaptive to our day to day life and thereby provide us with more comfort.  New technologies and materials are being invented and put to use every day in an effort to maintain a sustainable environment and to conserve our resources. Evolution of the construction industry in itself is a very refined and intricate process which has led to the development of nations. Energy and energy conservation plays a vital role in the development of the nation, and when paired with engineering advancements reaps better results.


The sub-heads for ‘Paper-Presentation’ in NIRMITEE 2021 are, but not limited to, as follows:

  • Environment and water resource engineering

1.1  Smart cities and challenges before urban local bodies

1.2  Waste water management

1.3  Green and ecological technique for urban planning

1.4  Air quality management

1.5  Hydraulic design of irrigation system

1.6  Zero solid waste management system

1.7  Environmental impact assessment

1.8  Sustainable management of water

1.9  Indoor air quality improvement measures


  1.   Innovative Materials and Construction Technology

2.1     Pre – Engineered construction

2.2     Innovative materials (advance materials\ waste material)

2.3     Fast track construction

2.4     Construction safety management

2.5     Repair, retrofitting and rehabilitation using modern material and technology

2.6     Applications of smart phones, technologies in construction

2.7     Lean and green construction

2.8     High performance concrete

2.9     Geopolymer concrete


  1. Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering

3.1     Intelligent transportation systems

3.2     Urban traffic planning and management

3.3     Metro/BRT/Monorail projects (benefits and feasibility)

3.4     Pavements: Types, Design, Construction and Maintenance (using advance  

        material )

3.5     Role of geotechnical investigation in sustainable design

3.6     Advance Foundation techniques

3.7     Accident studies

3.8     Pavement management systems


  1.   Surveying

4.1     Land surveying –Use of modern methods

4.2     Hydrographic Surveying Methods, Applications

4.3     GIS, GPS ,remote sensing Techniques, LIDAR

4.4     Project Data Generation and analysis based on various surveys

4.5     Surveying software application


  1. Structural Engineering

5.1     Formwork design/ Falsework design

5.2     Computer aided analysis and design

5.3     Subsea engineering

5.4     Innovative ideas in structural engineering

5.5     Low cost housing design

5.6     Adopting climatic change in design of structure

5.7     Analysis and design for earthquake mitigation


  1. Project Management

6.1     Construction Safety Management

6.2     Construction Management Project life cycle

6.3     MIS in construction/ MIS in bidding

6.4     TQM in construction industry/ Quality Control in construction

6.5     Project risk assessment and management

6.6     Construction claims and dispute management

6.7     Construction scheduling techniques and use of software

6.8     Any area as identified in project management book of knowledge (PMBOK)



        If interested in any other topic related to civil engineering, he/she can submit the paper  

        related to the same. 




STAGE 1: Submission of paper by email

  • In the first stage, the registered members are requested to send the manuscripts, strictly in ASCE format only, on [email protected]
  • Please mention ‘PAPER PRESENTATION – NIRMITEE 2021’ in the subject.
  • Abstract should not be more than 300 words and full length paper should not exceed 10 pages.
  • Submission deadline: 24th April 2021.




STAGE 2: Submission of pre-recorded video presentation


  • Participants are requested to submit a pre-recording video presentation of the paper.
  • For detailed explanation / guidance on how to pre-record the video presentation, click on the following link:
  • Minimum duration of the presentation is 7 minutes and maximum duration is 10 minutes.
  • After the video presentation is recorded, the participant is requested to upload it on google drive and share the link on [email protected]
  • Size of the pre-recorded video presentation should not exceed 100mb.
  • The recording must be in 1x speed only.
  •  Each participant (in case of team participation) has to present at least 3 minutes of the total content.
  • Submission deadline: 24th April 2021.


STAGE 3: Actual event


  • Participants are required to join in the meeting (link will be shared via email) on the day of the event. Your pre-recorded video presentation will be played followed by a question and answer session.
  • Novelty and Authenticity will be duly considered while judging.
  • The participants are expected to stage independent inferences from the paper.
  • The participants are requested to join the meeting with their full name as the display name
  • The decision of judges will be final and binding to all.
  • The results will be declared by the judges after scrutinizing and the same shall be conveyed to the winners. All the participants will receive a certificate of participation.



 paper presentation




  1.  Candidates need to submit their entries before the due deadline.
  2.  The entire communication will be done on the registered email id.
  3. Judge’s decision will be final and no form of cross verification will be entertained.


  This document is liable to minor changes. Participants will be notified for the same.

   Keep checking official website of NIRMITEE 2021: