nirmitee town planning


Number of Participants in one team: – Minimum 1 // Maximum 4


Registration Fees:

1 participant (Single entry) – Rs. 100

2 and above participants (Group entry) – Rs. 200


Faculty Coordinator

        Event Heads

Prof. Aparna Nagure

Prof. Ashish Kale

Soham Joshi – 9130042799

Ruchi Patil- 9765597509


Email id:      [email protected]


Large cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata etc. contribute immensely to the growth of our country but they fail miserably when it comes to global living and happiness standards. The haphazard growth of its rapidly emerging cities has been a matter of concern. One of the prime factors for their wild growth is improper city planning. This may seem like an uncontrollable problem at this stage, it is nothing but a challenge for us, the future Civil Engineers and Architects. TOWN PLANNING event provides you a platform where you can express your planning and designing of our future cities or towns using the modern tools, softwares to make them best in terms of living standards.


Note: Special prizes for diploma students.



The event will have 2 rounds:

    Round 1: Submission & Presentation of Drawing & PPT

     Round 2: Question & Answer session




  • The problem statement along with the theme will be disclosed four days prior to the actual event i.e., on 25nd April 2021. Once the problem statement is out, the students can start working on the same. For drawing, participants have to use AUTOCAD only. 
  • Along with the AUTOCAD drawing Participants are expected to make a PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) with 8 to 10 slides justifying their drawing. 
  • Participants must submit their AUTOCAD Drawing file and PPT one day prior to the event i.e., on 28th April 2021 by 3:00 PM on [email protected].
  • Late submissions will automatically get debarred from competition. Participants are expected to read the RULES to familiarize themselves with the specifications expected in the competition. 



ROUND 1: Submission & Presentation of Drawing & PPT

In this round, students have to Present their Drawing and PPT in front of the Jury Panel on the day of the event.


Round 2: Question & Answer session

The shortlisted groups from Round 1 will have to appear for Round 2. This includes the Question Answer Round based on your Drawing as well as PPT. It may include some general questions on Town Planning.




  1. Under Graduates (F.E. to B.E.), Post Graduates, Architectural, Design and Diploma students are eligible for the competition.
  2. DC Rules, TDR and RERA requirements must be adhered to while planning, the National Building Code (NBC) should also be incorporated in the planning.
  3. Every participant from each group must have a laptop/desktop in a working condition along with good network connection.
  4. Every team member’s audio and video should be on throughout the Q&A session.
  5. Each group should be present in a given time slot for each stage. No extra time will be given to any group. 
  6. Students have to use AUTOCAD software only, no other software will be entertained. The drawing file must be in standard AUTOCAD format – DWG File (.dwg)
  7. Students need to submit their respective AUTOCAD Drawing file & PPT one day prior to the event i.e., on 28th April 2021 by 3:00 PM on [email protected]  .
  8. Late submission will not be accepted in any case.
  9. The Power Point Presentation (PPT) must be short and to the point, having not more than 10 slides. Time for PPT presentation is restricted to 8 to 10 minutes only.
  10.  Decisions made by the Judges and Technical Team will be final and participants are requested to accept and respect the decision with full cooperation.
  11.  Assistance if necessary (only up to a certain extent), will be provided by the technical team at the time of event.


  This document is liable to minor changes. Participants will be notified for the same. Keep checking   

  official website of NIRMITEE 2021: